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Why are police calling the people of Ferguson animals and yelling at them to “bring it”? Because those officers in their riot gear, with their tear gas and dogs, want a justification for slaughter. But inexplicably…we turn our attention to the rioters, the people with less power, but justifiable anger, and say, “You are the problem.” No. A cop killing an unarmed teenager who had his hands in the air is the problem. Anger is a perfectly reasonable response. So is rage.

…How dare people preach and condescend to these people and tell them not to loot, not to riot? Yes, those are destructive forms of anger, but frankly I would rather these people take their anger out on property and products rather than on other people.

No, I don’t support looting. But I question a society that always sees the product of the provocation and never the provocation itself. I question a society that values property over black life. But I know that our particular system of law was conceived on the founding premise that black lives are white property…


Nothing makes white people more uncomfortable than black anger. But nothing is more threatening to black people on a systemic level than white anger. It won’t show up in mass killings. It will show up in overpolicing, mass incarceration, the gutting of the social safety net, and the occasional dead black kid. Of late, though, these killings have been far more than occasional. We should sit up and pay attention to where this trail of black bodies leads us….
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Selfies have been cleaned off the blog.

To spare the poor, beleaguered people who actually follow this account for art, I’ve put the selfies on their own separate blog because I actually already have a fashion-focused blog. So if you want to see any of that stuff, go there. Expect the worst.

If I paint on any more of my clothes I’ll still be posting that here, though.

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Detail shots from the finish, with all the sketch lines wiped clean.

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The jacket you just finished is insanely beautiful. I'm sorry if this has already been answered, but what kind of paint did you use? If it's leather won't it rub off? Thank you!

Asked by e-m-e-t-t

I used Angelus leather paint. It was recommended when I was first asking around for suggestions, and so far it’s great stuff. It has a thin, watery consistency which allows it to be very flexible. Because it’s somewhat transparent and just to make sure it stays flexible and has a good hold, it’s best to layer it on very thinly over and over again to build up color. Which is why the painting took so damn long. 9+ hours thus far.

So far all of my test swatches have held up just fine for the past week. However, there is still a chance that it will come off. Even if you prepare the leather with deglazer and sanding, if you layer the paint on too quickly or don’t wait for the layers to properly dry there’s a risk of improper adhesion. The paint job could still be scratched if you brush against something sharp. The paint may crack in “high stress” areas that wrinkle often. The life of the painting can be prolonged by preventing stress to the paint - keeping the leather as flat as possible, as much as possible, by always hanging the jacket up in your closet/on the back of your chair.

This is just a cheap faux leather jacket I own as well, so it wasn’t sanded (I wasn’t sure the material could take that). So it might peel off anyway. I’m going to be wearing it a lot to find out! Honestly if it weren’t for the faux leather, I’d probably have put it up for sale. Maybe I can do another in the future, but they’re very time consuming to make.

EDIT: and how rude of me! I didn’t say thank you. Thank you!

08.11.14 63

Back panel is done. Sleeves are probably done. Unsure if I want to paint on the front of the jacket or not.  I’ll take a picture of how it looks on tomorrow. Though I have no idea how I’ll take a picture of my own back….

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Zoom Preview of a thing I’m working on.

Preview of a thing I’m working on.

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Hello I just saw your post about bra size! I recently talked to my doctor about breast reduction surgery and she told me to get a proper fitting (I was wearing a 34 DDD) and I found out I was a 28G which was a bit upsetting (I'm only 17). I went to 3 stores and no one carries that size, though one said they could order it (but only padded and in black and beige). Is that really all thats available in that size? Because god I love cute bras I don't want to give that up.

Asked by caprette

Don’t worry, while you’ll be missing out on the cheap-cute bras that are available A~C at places like Target or Nordstrom’s for $25, there are definitely cute options for bigger/unusual sizes! It’s just all online. In stores, yeah, it’s kind of all just black or beige padded boring stuff. Or if you’re lucky, “sexy” lace (yaaaaawn). But online you have places like figleaves and bravissimo which stock tons of cute bras, and bra+panty sets. There are a lot more places like that too. Those are just my favorites; figleaves’ customer service has always been fantastic whenever I’ve needed it.

My two favorite bra brands, style-wise, are Panache and Freya. I have this bra by Panache. I missed out on this freya bra, though, which bums me out. The point is, color can be yours! Just not cheap.

The price of big boobie bras, and especially cute ones, is steep. Very steep. Watch the sale section like a hawk. Handwash your bras, hang them dry, love them well.

For some reason right now the pickings for cute stuff are super slim, probably because we’re at the end of the season. Cute bras should arrive again soon.

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I’d like to note that if you decide to paint on stuff, be aware that fabric generally stretches when it’s being worn. Presumably you’ll be painting on the fabric when it’s lying flat in its relaxed state. So if you don’t want a little bit of separation along the fabric grains when you put the thing on, you will have to paint on something with absolutely no give to the fabric… or paint on yourself while wearing the article of clothing I guess? My shorts have a moderate amount of stretch, so there’s some of it around certain areas (like the area over my stomach lol………….)

I really kind of like the look of it, it adds this natural crackle without looking worn in or interrupting the design, but you might not like that. In which case I’d recommend only painting on super inflexible fabrics. Or only paint on things which fit you really loosely lol.

08.06.14 16

My painted shorts came out beautiful! I stole the idea off this blogger who painted the Martinique Beverly Hills Hotel wallpaper pattern on shorts for a charity auction and as a DIY feature for her blog. Well, I wanted a pair too!

This is regular acrylic paint with liquitex’s fabric medium mixed in. Although liquitex’s medium didn’t specify, I also set the paint with an iron since most fabric paints require that. So far I’ve worn them around the house with no problems of stiffness or cracking. Fingers crossed it stays that way, though I think it could also look kind of cool “distressed.”

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I'm curious about your process - I know you've said you use both traditional and digital tools, but all your work looks so seamless and lovely. How do you go about combining the two?

Asked by Anonymous

Well, there’s this old image which shows the actual “what” of which parts were digital and which parts real pencil, but that’s not super useful.

For best results with mixing media it’s best to be very purposeful about which medium does what in the drawing. So, if you’re going in with the purposeful intention of having a piece be 50/50 digital/traditional, you should know from the start exactly which elements are going to be digital and which are going to be on paper. I’ve found that letting things like fatigue or convenience make the decision for you leads to combinations that don’t work. It’s not that convenience can’t be a part of your decision making when you’re deciding what goes digital or not. It just needs to happen at the very start so you can plan the construction of the drawing around it.

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any advice on publicizing (if that's the right word) your art through tumblr?

Asked by juliyore

Honestly, I never really did anything for tumblr specifically. I started this blog back some 4-ish years ago and at some point it got some momentum without me really noticing. I was like “BLEH TUMBLR IS DUMB AND FOR HIPSTERS, I BET I’LL MAKE THIS BLOG AND I’LL NEVER EVEN USE IT” ah ha ha ha you knew nothing, young Gillian. Anyway, I can theorize that the following might help, however:

  • Make work, make a lot of work. It’s good for growing you as an artist, it’s good for growing your audience. (I’m really failing at this lately, and as a result my audience’s growth has suffered - I gained something like 5 ~ 7k followers in a 5ish month period when I was posting lots of commissions and so on, in the past few months I’ve posted nothing and gained less than 1k new followers in like the past 3 months. Being a content creator is what sets a blog apart from the rest, but that means you have to create and you have to do it often.)
  • If you have an established audience anywhere else (deviantart, etc) link your tumblr there, promote the crap out of it, I guess.
  • Starting a dialogue is definitely worthwhile! Look, you sent an ask which just got published on my blog, putting your username in the sight of my followers. For obvious reasons, I’d recommend not abusing that as a strategy, ha ha.
  • I have absolutely no idea if tagging your posts with a bajillion things featured in the post actually has any real impact on your exposure. People do this. I do know that whenever I come across a post with an entire paragraph of single word tags like “unicorn” “antlers” “girl” “is” “in” “this” “hipster” “trendy” “drawing” “and” “wearing” “a” “red” “dress” “florals” “shoes” “ocean” “lana del rey” I think it looks pretty dumb.
  • I know some of my friends will either only post things at certain times of the day for maximum exposure, or reblog themselves at different times of the day when they know more people are checking tumblr. I’m too lazy to try this for myself, but I’m sure it must work because otherwise they wouldn’t bother.
  • Start an art trend or something? Not everyone is going to follow a widely reblogged post back to its source but it really never hurts. I imagine the person who started that palette meme got some hits to their blog from the bajillion reblogs that thing ended up with.
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Have you ever done Legend of Zelda art? I bet it would look amazing in your style. Also you're a huge inspiration for my art and I love your work so much. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Asked by Anonymous

Thank you! I have a foggy memory of a Midna drawing but I’m not sure as to whether or not it was completed or if I’m just imagining things. Outside of commissions I’m not really a fanartist. I’ll leave the drawing of hot Ganons in the hands of other, more capable artists.

08.02.14 10

Thank you to everyone who weighed in and helped me with recommendations! I decided to go with D.) all of the above, and I just bought everything lol. I got some liquitex fabric medium, some jacquard neopaque, and the angelus leather paint, plus enough test remnants for all of them to see which ones yield best results on which type of fabric.

08.01.14 8
Anyone have experience with fabric paint?

I’m looking to gussy up some old shorts of mine, and maybe make myself a cool jacket. Liquitex acrylics claim they’re very durable and can hold up on denim and even leather, but I’m obviously quite dubious; I fear cracking from the plasticky lack of flexibility. Seems a safer idea to get a good brand from a recommendation than get fabric medium and try to mix my own with acrylics, as I’d rather have something meant for the job that lasts.

I’ve heard very good things about Angelus leather paint for leather projects, but I don’t know anyone with experience with them. Same with any other fabric-specific brands. Screen printing paints also seem like they’d be a logical choice, but I wonder if they’d hold up to washes?

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